The Well Writers’ Collective

The Well Writers’ Collective is a supportive community of creative and academic writers who embrace research-based mind-body tools and techniques as the foundation for sustainable writing practice. 

We take a unique mind-body approach to writing at The Well Writers’ Collective.

We host:

  • Weekly co-writing sessions
  • Monthly accountability challenges
  • Monthly themes and daily mind-body oriented conversations around the practice of writing
  • Meditation and movement workshops and events (coming soon)…

Together, we work to re-ignite our creativitywrite consistently and with ease, find the fulfilment that comes with the completion of projectscounter the isolation that comes with the writing life, and reclaim a spacious and joyful life with words.

Sign up for 21 Days of Sustainable Writing  in February and access accountability support this summer. 

A little each day adds up to a lot, and it’s so much easier to meet writing targets with someone in your corner!

Join us for an up-coming co-writing session, Wednesdays 10am -12 noon, Sydney time. 

We open with a short meditation exercise, followed by 3-4 timed writing sessions, interspersed with camaraderie and conversation.

Participants have commented that these sessions are a refreshing and gentle way to get some solid writing done.

Consider this a virtual house for the mind, the body, and words, words, words.

Here are six (of the many) reasons we think you’ll like what we’re about: 

1. Meet like-minded creative writers and researchers. Writing and research can be extremely isolating work. Contrary to the myth of the isolated writer, too much isolation can actually run the creative well dry. Join our community to meet like-minded writers and researchers looking for ways to access their creativity and maintain productivity, without sacrificing well-being.

2. Develop a sustainable writing practice. Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about your writing and/or research practice and develop a suite of tools that will enable you to find a unique daily rhythm supportive of sustainable writing.

3. Re-ignite your creativity. Find inspiration, have thought-provoking conversations and access perspectives that re-ignite your creativity via our mind-body oriented writing eventsprograms and ever expanding library of resources

4Access accountability support. Access a supportive network of accountability buddies to help keep you on track.

5. Maintain motivation. Participate in writing challenges, and swap stories, experiences and ideas around ways to build a sustainable writing practice and stick to it. The struggle is real, and you are not alone!  Let this community support you and reflect your experience daily, weekly, or as often as you’d like. You control your level of engagement, but we’ll be here for you when the shadows of self-doubt, procrastination and writing shame are licking at your throat. One of the most powerful things you can do for your writing or research practice is to connect with others who actually know about the daily ins and outs of these (often little understood) lines of work.

6. Have an impact. By joining us, you’re contributing to a movement which aims to re-write damaging and unhealthy narratives around contemporary writing and research practice.